The power of changing one just word in Tech. Women

This post is for women.  And for men that hire women and who work in the technology industry. 

The gender imbalance is still huge and the gap doesn’t seem to be narrowing.  Programs such as Microsoft’s Digigirlz and e-skills Computer Clubs for girls are targeted at school and college girls. 

Not women.

Girl geek clubs, networks and events run across the world and are key to giving female technologists a network that they can use to find like minded geeks across the industry.  There aren’t many.  Corporate networks, like the network that I founded, recognise that there’s a need for change. 

There’s a really simple way to address this issue and it’s covered within the first 59 seconds of this video



There’s a lot of rebranding that needs to be effected across the industry, the social connections, the networks and the language before we can truly address the gender imbalance – and get businesses to avoid the unconscious bias that exists across the workplace. The Royal Navy don’t have gender specific names and have promoted a Lieutenant Commander to take command of a frigate.  The fact that this Officer is a woman is of no consequence to the Navy..

So why do we still persist with stereotypical, power sapping naming of our female technologists?  Why do we complain about the gender imbalance and do nothing to fix it?  Why are we allowing this to happen?

Changing one word will make all the difference… Come on women, its time to grow up and assume command – just like Sarah West.

Eileen is a social business strategist and author of Working The Crowd: Social Media Marketing for Business. Contact her to find out how she can help your business extend its reach.