Passpath: geeky way to protect your photos

I like this.  You can protect your photos – even if you don’t protect your phone with a PIN by using Passpath.   Passpath works by remembering the tracking of your fingers.  have a look at this..


10 incorrect attempts to access the photos results in the photos being wiped from the device.   Great idea – and similar to the rebuild function on the Windows phone I have where 5 incorrect passwords resets the device.. 

Clever stuff.. available from the App store

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2 thoughts on “Passpath: geeky way to protect your photos

  1. William Hilsum (@wilhil)

    I think this looks cool, but, I see a flaw…

    Surely this will be stored as in app data, so, you can just take a backup of the device, and then, if you have too many incorrect attempts, just restore.

    it will be time intensive to crack – just not impossible…

    … That being said, I can’t remember, been a while since I last tested, but, I know my old Windows Mobile 5 device did it, and I think the Iphone does – if you have a pass code, you obviously can not view data on the device, and, you can’t sync without unlocking first…. So, if you have the security options set, is this really needed?

    1. eileenb Post author

      Now there’s a challenge! Lost of non tecies with personal mobile phones don’t bother licking them – ooutside of the simple keyboard lock (click * or # or just slide to unlock) It seems to be those of us with corporate data on our phones have got used to the group policy setting requiring an auto lock after a certain period of time.

      But it’s going to need a heck of a lot of restore attempts before you crack the action though! An interesting challenge…
      Thanks for the comment 🙂

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