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Cambridge: The UK’s geekiest city


So Cambridge, with a geek score of 24.0 tops the list of the UK’s geekiest cities?  This isn’t too surprising considering the excellent facilities at Cambridge University and research labs for Microsoft, AT&T and Qualcomm.  Gloucester is close to GCHQ to influence numbers and London, with workers commuting from all over the south, should of course be in the top 5.

But what about the bottom towns?  Belfast has a geek score of –8.0 and poor old Bradford comes bottom with a Geek score of –12.1  Is being geeky related to per capita income?  If so, there are other towns in the UK such as Hull and Blackpool that would fare worse than Bradford in the geek stakes.

So why does Cambridge love Tech so much?  If it’s not the University or the research labs in the area, then what is it?  I’d love to know…

Infographic (and extra information about the geekiest cities) from Ebuyer.. 

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