Daily Archives: October 28, 2011

Google + for Enterprise collaboration?

The other day Google announced that they’ll now be allowing users with Google apps accounts to use Google+ from within their existing Google Apps account.  Previously users who used Google + from within their Google Apps account meaning that they needed to log out and log back in if they wanted to use Google+

For Enterprises this can add another layer of complexity and concern.  Users using Google apps within an organisation can create a Google + account which is then visible to anyone on the web.  Posts can, of course, be sent to private circles or public circles.  Or both. 


As an organisation, you also need to consider regulations that might apply in your country such as the Children’s internet protection Act or the Childrens Act and look at the other considerations for Google apps administrators.


I’m not sure about maintaining wholly private circles.  I’ve inadvertently posted to my Public circle instead of my friends and acquaintances.  I’ve also forgotten to check the circles I post to on every software update.  But I’m not alone.  It’s easy to do.  Steve Yegge discovered when he complained about how “Google didn’t get platforms” on Google +long memo which was supposed to be internal, was posted onto the wrong circle and reposted. 

How would you feel if your corporate data was reposted by accident?  Enterprise companies need procedures in place to carry out audit trails, secure confidential information and make sure that inappropriate messages aren’t forwarded outside the company.

How secure would you feel about implementing Google + for internal circles and Hangouts?

…and how would the compliance team respond to your plans?

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