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9 ways to avoid bloggers block


It’s difficult coming up with good blog entries but if you blog for a company, blogging might be written into your objectives.  If the company is moving forward in its efforts to become more transparent in business and demonstrate its commitment to its customers, its staff or the environment, then it will be looking towards the corporate bloggers inside the company to spread its message to a broader audience.

But what if you’ve hit that wall of bloggers block?

What if even writing 140 characters in Twitter is a bit of a struggle?  How do you get past that wall

Creating good content for your blog is hard – but it’s even harder if you don’t have any inspiration about what to blog about.  Fortunately there are many ways around bloggers block when it hits.


Here are ideas that I use from time to time when inspiration deserts me.

    1. Search the forums.  If you blog about technology then look at the technical forums for the topics that come up time and time again.  These are usually submitted by people who don’t know how to use the forum search feature.  Create a ‘how to’ blog and link to it from the forum.  My post from 2008 on Importing Outlook to windows Live Calendar still gets several hits each day.
    2. Save interesting Tweets as Favourites.  If you see a Tweet talking about something that might be useful as a blog post, save it as a favourite.  You can always come back to the list of favourites later and use the content as a basis for your blog post.
    3. Use Live Writer or Word to save drafts.  I use Live Writer to save snippets of blog posts that need more research, more information, or more content.  I then add to them and publish them when they’re ready.
    4. Use OneNote to save web snips.  I use OneNote extensively to store information that i haven’t got time to read.  My OneNote notebook holds interesting snippets and I use the right mouse button to “Send to OneNote” when I don’t have time to read the whole pdf online.  The great thing about OneNote is its searchable so I can quickly find what I need
    5. Watch the news feeds.  There’s always something to blog about in the news feeds via Twitter and LinkedIn.  Find an interesting topic and talk about
    6. Span social sites for information.  Browse Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google + to see themes that are appearing across the social platforms.  They’ll be sure to give you enough information to start you off with a topic
    7. Write something.  Even if you save it as a draft and don’t go back to it in a while, you’ve started a blog post.  Next time you visit it, you’ll edit it and refine it into something amazing
    8. Don’t focus on Twitter and Google+  They might be the  easy to use, simple, shiny and new, but you can’t demonstrate your professional credibility, ability and knowledge in quite the same way
    9. Don’t give up.  Who knows, one day, blogging could bring your the reach and profile you’ve been searching for.

And tip number 10?  I don’t have ALL the answers Smile What’s your best tip to avoid bloggers block?


Eileen is a social business strategist and author of Working The Crowd: Social Media Marketing for Business. Contact her to find out how she can help your business extend its reach.

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