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The socially optimised business: Embracing change

I get saddened when I hear stories of people who work in fairly large organisations  where the organisation doesn’t understand flexible working or collaboration.  It’s amazing to thing that some teams insist that their staff turn up for work, don’t permit working from home on a Friday or a Monday and are convinced that by allowing use of Facebook during office hours, staff will become less productive somehow.

It’s all about control, and it’s restrictive for businesses who want to be agile, who want to be ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation.  Businesses need to be collaborative.  Businesses need to be social.

This representation of social business from the Dachis group seems to hit the spot rather well.


It describes the benefits and features of the socially optimised business and the journey to get there.  Collaboration is a key part of the social business, its much more than document management and portals.  it’s about engagement at all levels throughout the organisation.  It’s about flattening the organisation and its about embracing the new way of working.

There are some great callouts there on the slide:

    • Social businesses accept risk and failures more readily than traditional businesses
    • Information is democratized – the consumer not the brand is now in control of the message
    • Organisational hierarchy is also democratised
    • Work is something you do not somewhere you go
    • Shift from ‘Me’ to ‘We

Companies that don’t embrace this new way of working will be unable to progress.  The old way of working is just not sustainable.  You will be left behind and your competitors with social businesses will take your business from you.

So what are the signs that your business needs to change?

  • You’re sending attachments around in email instead of links to portals
  • You have no internal corporate instant messaging system
  • You’re not allowed to use social networking tools inside the firewall
  • You have no communications from your executive team outside of infrequent email updates
  • You are process heavy and inflexible to change to market conditions
  • You don’t have a mobile workforce

Start to harness the talent within your organisation and keep your intellectual capital alive – don’t leave it dying on a server somewhere.  Agility will change the way you work..


Eileen is a social business strategist and author of Working The Crowd: Social Media Marketing for Business. Contact her to find out how she can help your business extend its reach.