Daily Archives: October 19, 2011

Strategic success with social media from SAP

I do quite a lot of work for clients at large companies that are spending thousands of marketing dollars on Facebook and Twitter.  They are trying to engage with their audience where their audience is hanging out.

SAP are doing things differently.  They’ve been engaging in social media for 8 years now – and their approach focuses around community.  Andys blog captures how their approach to social media engagement works.

Their approach is very similar to the approach I used whilst I worked at Microsoft.  At the centre of the ecosystem is the web site – all of the content referred people back to the web.  The Exchange team had a different social architecture.  As the blog matured and gained credibility and reach, more and more pointers led to the blog in addition to the web site.

Then SAP focuses on its community of influencers and measuring the ROI of what they do.

Its a great approach – and one I recognise well, so its certainly worth taking up 30 minutes of your time if you want to validate your social media strategic approach is the right one..

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