Daily Archives: October 17, 2011

So who is looking at your online profile?

We know that 90% of recruiters check your online profile before getting in touch with you.  But what are the reasons they don’t get in touch.. ?  I found an interesting infographic over on Forbes (courtesy of the Reppler blog) which show the reasons why candidates get hired – and the reasons why they don’t




So it’s heartening to now that you can get hired by presenting a great image online, not lying, being creative, honest and not posting inappropriate content or photos.  It’s good to see that posting confidential information abut an employer is also a reason not to get hired..

…So if you do have content on your profiles that you’d rather not share:

Secure the parts of your profile that you want to keep totally private

Make sure you understand tagged photos and settings to un tag yourself from Facebook

Make sure that positive messages and images of you reach the right audience

Keep the confidential stuff confidential.  Don’t leak

Don’t blog / tweet / comment when angry / drunk

Don’t be a victim of bad judgement

Common sense really.  Ask yourself the question, would you hire you based on what you saw online?

If not… change the way you communicate…

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