Daily Archives: October 13, 2011

Social Jersey Conference: Really connecting



It was great to go over to Jersey and speak at the Social Jersey conference – and it was also good that the other main speakers were women too – a rare occurrence.  Katherine Salt runs Marketing My and delivers community management for a range of companies across the UK and Judith Lewis works at Beyond, is very geeky and writes an amazing chocolate blog (she’s very geeky about chocolate too!)


Here are both of them up on stage (although I now have no  idea what Katherine was talking about with the Swiss army knife slide!

There was a lot of interaction and engagement from the audience – where one of their main challenges is that Google doesn’t recognise a Jersey postcode and jersey businesses don’t get a second look by Googles ranking algorithm – it assumes that New Jersey is the only Jersey.

We got time for a quick tour of the Island taking in the chocolate tour of Le Mare as Judith blogged and a drive round the scenic parts of the island too.

Feedback was great from the delegates.  One of the attendees decided to cancel her current marketing plans and switch to new media for her business making an immediate £800 saving for the month – a saving that totally justified her attendance on the day

So, all in all, a great conference with some good engagement – and I hope I get asked back to speak at a follow up event or masterclass over there again. So roll on 2012! Smile

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