Daily Archives: October 12, 2011

Artificial Intelligence: Angry Chatbots and the existence of God

I’ve been playing with Cleverbot recently to see just how much chatbots have improved since the old IM bots of a few years ago.  But Ross Dawson’s blog pointed me to a YouTube video which showed just how far these chatbots will go whilst having a conversation.  The research has been done by Cornell creative machines lab and the conversation quickly becomes surreal.

Have a listen to this video…


It’s a bit disconcerting to see them arguing – with the women bot being assertive and bitchy.  It’s also odd to hear them arguing about God – and weird that they move the discussion on so quickly.

The use of bots to do simple tasks is not new.  I read my electricity meter readings to an automated system that understands my voice and updates my quarterly bill.  Exchange Server has been able to understand what you say to it since Exchange 2007.  Now imagine where we’ll be in 10 years time, when chatting to chatbots in our everyday and business life will be a reality for us….

And I wonder what sorts of arguments there will be then… Smile

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