Mind your body language: It says more than you think

We all say more than we mean to – and our mouths don’t usually say it.  I’ve heard that the further away from the face you look, the more honest people become.  imageIts relatively easy to hide your feelings on your face, but further down the body, your hands, arms and feet often give the truth away about what you’re really thinking.  Of course this guy gives it away completely with his whole body attitude, but there are other signs you can be aware of in meetings.  Open forum has a great post on 7 body language mistakes to avoid

Here they are:

1. Looking at your PDA

2. Clasping and rubbing hands together

3. Dressing messy

4. Clock watching

5. Arm crossing

6. Eye rolling

7. No eye contact

I’ve got a few more body language signs than this that I’ve noticed in business meetings and presentations.  No all of them indicate nervousness or are obvious anger signals.  Some of them are quite subtle – but, to me, they’re a really clear indicator of what the real meaning is for the meeting…

8: Leg jiggling.  This is a sure sign of impatience in others and yourself

9: Toe curling.  If you can see their feet and they’re in sandals or flip flops look for toe curling.  it means they’re being untruthful

10: Jiggling change in your pockets.  For presenters, this indicates that they’re nervous and need the reassuring noise to calm them

11: Looking down whilst lifting the chin.  this indicates superiority.  Don’t make the other person feel inferior by half closing your eyes and doing this move

12: Looking at your laptop / doing your email.  Obvious signs of disengagement

I particularly hate the “salesman hand rub” (number 2 above). I see it often at the start of presentations accompanied with “Right, lets get started then”. 


Which body language traits have I missed?


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