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Facebook Edgerank: Why your posts aren’t showing up

Facebook is clever in the way that it presents items in your news feed.  Facebook wants you to interact directly with Facebook and not through a 3rd party application like Twitter or Foursquare.   If you use these sorts of apps to update your feed,  they are aggregated with other updates and hidden from peoples main feeds.



Its all because of advertising.

If you’re updating your Facebook feed using another app, then you’re not looking at the Facebook page.  You’re not looking at the ads on screen.  You’re not clicking them and you’re not adding to Facebook’s revenue stream.

So how does Facebook ‘grade’ which posts it uses on your screen?

Its all about Edgerank

Facebook uses Edgerank heavily to grade a piece of information to make sure that the right people see it.

emarketer has a great post on the ultimate guide to the Facebook Edgerank algorithm.  Here are a few callouts from the post: 

Photos are more important than someone “liking” a business profile

Videos, Photos, and Links have the highest Edge weight

When appearing in the news feed you have exceeded the EdgeRank of other items.  Choose your time to post to make sure there’s little competition from other updates.  This works well if you have friends on different continents

There’s a good video how Edgerank works here and a slideshow (screenshot below) here




Of course, it may not matter to you if you don’t see your friends status updates in your feed very often, but if you’re wondering why this is happening, then Edgerank is the reason.

And marketers – you might want to improve your visibility to your potential customers.  Get familiar with Edgerank!

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