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Facebook friends: Ready to migrate to Google + Yet?

When I started using Google + I was underwhelmed at the interaction I was having – because none of my friends were in there.  All my friends and close colleagues – the people I wanted to interact with were on Facebook.  But I’ve worked out a way to export my friends to Google +

Its a simple but 2 step process.

First, you need to create a Yahoo! email account account.   Log in to Yahoo mail and Click on Contact | Import Contacts


Choose the Facebook icon and move your contents into Yahoo!

Then Switch to Google +

Click on the Circles tab, click Find people and connect your Yahoo! account to Google +  (I needed to minimise the browser window as the authorisation pop up was behind my main screen…)


Your Facebook friends now appear in your list with the Yahoo icon ready to be placed into circles.

now I can start to properly connect over on Google + too..

If you don’t have an invite – get one here


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