Daily Archives: August 26, 2011

Wiffiti: Are you brave enough to screen your brand feed?

There are lots of tools that allow you to capture a Twitter feed, or set of keywords and have them updated in real time but I particularly like this one for its ease of use.  It’s called Wiffiti and it updates your screen in real time. 

You choose which words you’d like it to search for.  This can be names, hashtags, people, whatever.  Then you



Here’s the wiffiti screen  i created above, updating in real time from Twitter

Add up to 5 tags, customise the background with your logo, preview and publish your screen.  Then sit back and watch the screen refresh…

It’s great for conferences when you want to get interaction from the audience, questions and commentary.  Its great for confident brands to display brand sentiment.  You can get interaction via text, or via hash tag.Imagine a screen like this in the reception area of your favourite brand?  Would they dare to do it?…

Are you confident enough about your brand to show it in your office reception??

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