Facebook: Get more control over your privacy

It’s about time this happened.  Facebook is giving you a lot more control over your privacy settings and who sees what about you.  Here’s a roundup of the upcoming changes which are being rolled out across the Facebook world:


You can pre- approve tagged photos.  If someone has tagged you in a post – you can decide whether you want to have your tag included – before it appears on your profile feed


Change privacy settings even after you have posted – you can change the setting at any time after the post has been sent

You can view your profile as others see it – right from the home page – not deep down in the configuration options

Status updates can be customised per post.  It’s much easier to decide who gets to see the update.  This was always there – but hidden behind a custom view behind the padlock that you see now on your status update


Tag locations whenever you post – not just from a mobile phone



Facebook have made it much easier to customise your privacy settings, and made them much more visible on the main page.  However, remember how slack Facebook’s default privacy settings are..

There are more images showing where these Facebook privacy settings are currently displayed on the Business insider blog.  These images are from the Facebook blog and profile controls page  – as the chances haven’t reached my part of the countryside yet Smile 


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