Bullies: ugly on the inside, pretty on the outside

I stumbled upon a great post by a photographer, Jen McKen who lives in Pennsylvania.  She’s taken quite a stand against bullies and is to be applauded for her actions on her Facebook page.  Here’s the screenshot of her post:


She sent out emails to the girls and their parents, and returned their deposits.  As she says If you are ugly on the inside, I’m sorry but I won’t take your photos to make you look pretty on the outside!

It’s a really brave thing for a small business owner to do.  Taking a stand and risking losing revenue is a big risk.  Its also wonderful that Jen runs an ethical business, and stands up for what she believes in. 

May her business reap the rewards for her stand on bullying.  So many children’s lives are ruined by bullies that it’s heartening to find someone who is committed to changing this behaviour in schools. 


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3 thoughts on “Bullies: ugly on the inside, pretty on the outside

  1. brucelynn

    All bullies on the outside are also cowards on the inside. That is why they always pick on people ‘weaker’ – in size, in status, in hierarchy, in strength – than themselves. When they are faced with someone who is stronger, they recoil in submission.

    It is also why bullies savour the anonymity of the Internet. Because they are afraid of people dishing back what they have dished out. I understand the whole privacy issue, as well as the power of anonymity for true whistle blowers like WikiLeaks and Mini-Microsoft. But, I have to admit that I am apprehensive about the wave of anonymity that social media has fostered. I think it has engendered more hurtful nastiness in the online world than is warranted. I have much more respect for people who comment in forums and write reviews if they divulge their true identity rather than hide behind some cute pseudonym.

    1. eileenb Post author

      Nice words Bruce.
      What a shame that we dont stan up to the people who bully us. To many people in our social and working lives think they can get away with it.
      We should name and shame bullies in our social and work lives – to prevent them destroying more people…
      If only workplace bullies couldn’t hide behind the terms ‘personality clash’…

  2. brucelynn

    I have no shame or blame to people who don’t stand up to people who bully them. By definition, that I noted in my original comment, bullies only go after people significantly weaker than them. So victims will suffer in a confrontation and will likely end up getting hurt more than conceding to the bully. The real shame is the people who do enjoy a strength superiority over bullies and don’t use that strength to stop the bullying of others.

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