Daily Archives: August 23, 2011

150 billion: That’s how much we value the Internet

There’s some interesting data from Mckinsey about the value of the Internet and the activities we use the web for.  Have a look at the graphic below which depicts services that we’d pay for that are currently free to use.

Image source: Ross Dawson

We pay 30 billion for online services and to avoid pop ups and web clutter – McKinsey estimates that we’d pay another 20billion 

So that leaves about 100 billion ‘surplus’ value which is categorised across the different channels.  Many consumers couldn’t live without email – and it’s the lifeblood of some companies that haven’t fully embraced collaborative solutions internally.

We’d be miserable without the internet and spend far too much time on there… but with a mind boggling value of 100billion as a surplus, these channels will be incredibly attractive to advertisers and others who would like a piece of that projected revenue…

Lets see what they come up with… Google + perhaps? Smile

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