Death and status updates: Your social presence after you’ve died

I remember feeling humbled at the posthumous ‘Last Post’ blog written by the dead journalist Derek K Miller and admiring his courage in writing the post after his death, sort of like a final ‘Status update’.  It seems that I’m not the only one who had been musing about it.  Adam Ostrow spoke at TED in July and mused about the possibilities of your digital updates after your death…

His talk pointed me to a few websites too, such as If I die, which allows you to post a Facebook message to your nearest and dearest – which will be played to your Facebook friends – after you’re gone.  It had an innovative social awareness campaign too, using location based updates and other freely sharable pieces of information to connect with it’s intended audience and encourage them to record messages.  See the video below for how they did it:

I’ve always looked at this from a more technical point of view.  When my friend was in hospital last year with a broken back (she came out of hospital after 6 months) , I focused on passwords and PC related issues.  I didn’t think about what sort of status updates she might have left for the world to reflect on.  Would they be suitable as a memoriam?  I’m sure that at any one time, my last Twitter update might not be the one that I’d want on my status update – forever…

But what sort of app could do that ‘final status update’ for you.  Does it exist yet?

And more importantly, should it…?

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