Encouraging your Employees to Blog

It’s quite sad that about 80% of corporate bloggers stop blogging after about 5 blog posts.  Internal blogs are really useful tools that help employees interact.  Blogs enable sharing of knowledge, and connecting effectively with your audience.

The problem is that often bloggers run out of things to say.  They suffer from bloggers block, which was, incidentally, the topic of my very first blog post way back in 2004!  IBM even researched and developed a tool called blog muse, which suggested topics for bloggers to write about – if you can’t find anything interesting to say.

There are several ways to encourage employees to blog whether on internal or externally facing blogs:

Small incentives could be offered each month to bloggers who are considered to have created and published quality content. These incentives don’t need to be financial. Praise and recognition for their efforts is often sufficient.

Great blog posts could be voted on and the “blog post of the month” could be highlighted in wider corporate email communications. Signup using RSS should be encouraged so that users can subscribe to and receive new posts when they are published to the site.

An auto-signature could be added to your blog which points to other relevant social sites such as Yammer for internal communications so that people who subscribe to the blog can easily be made aware of other social channels.

To avoid low numbers of postings from blogs try getting guests to blog for you. Encourage submission of articles from people in other parts of the business. Guest blogs give people confidence to see their work shown online without the overhead of having a specified blog feed for the individual which might not be regularly updated. Guest blogs from different members of the community help to keep the community active. Additionally, they raise the profile of the blogger and encourage further participation.

If you blog about topics that are interesting to a particular interest group, for example. technology look at the forums.  The forums often have repeating threads of questions that go unanswered.  Some are ranked by popularity.  Write a blog post solving one of the most common thread questions, and post a link to the blog post on the forum

Tip of the day posts are always useful.  From personal development to  simple ‘How to’s’ , tips are devoured by readers who look forward to new productivity enhancements.

imageThe benefits of employee blogging can’t be overstated.   If your blogs are not for public use, blogging can benefit the business.  Your company becomes more transparent in its processes and messaging. 

If your corporate bloggers tend to use their blogs to share information outside the company, then you can be perceived as more social and more caring.

A little encouragement can go a long way. Transparent, candour, honest, empathy, trusted and authoritative.  Words that lots of brands aspire to…

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Eileen is a social media consultant and author of Working The Crowd: Social Media Marketing for Business. Contact her to find out how she can help your business extend its reach.


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2 thoughts on “Encouraging your Employees to Blog

  1. Allister Frost (@AllisterF)

    Whilst shocking at first sight, the 80% blog failure rate doesn’t surprise me really. I wouldn’t be surprised if 80% of all company “grand initiatives” fizzle out after only a few months after the initial energy has waned and some other “grand initiative” gets launched. So, perhaps some high percentage failure rate is to be expected, and even encouraged. Many of these failures are well-deserved and, frankly, a bad blog is best killed quickly before it does any more damage. But other writer withdrawals are regrettable and could easily be prevented by greater up front planning and forethought into things like the editorial calendar, sensible performance targets, and some simple motivation rewards like you’ve suggested. Thanks for the ideas.

    1. eileenb Post author

      The content calendtr and planning your blog content was going to be a whole other post when I’d gathered more of my thoughts. This sort of thing adds to SEO and contributes to online brand and presence. So it’s a win-win if you stick at it and maintain consistency – like you do with your great blog. Your blog is proof that enthusiasm, great content and content consistency brings great results..
      Thanks for the comment 🙂

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