Daily Archives: August 17, 2011

6 degrees of separation? : Lets test it with the Small World experiment

I’m not convinced that in our connected worlds that the original small world theory still holds true.  There’s a new study that is bringing together Yahoo research and Facebook to see if the 6 degrees of separation theory is true.  I found a study that reckons it’s no longer 6 degrees of separation, it’s 4.1.  That study focused on the Twitter universe exclusively however so the numbers might not be totally accurate.  It certainly shows a degree of convergence with our online activities.


This Yahoo! Small world study aims to re run the experiment  using your Facebook friends as connection points…


You can then choose to become a sender.  if you do, a person is selected for you and you have to choose one of your Facebook friends who would be most likely to know that person – or pass that message onwards.

I found someone who now lives very close to the final link in the chain… Lets see if we can prove – or disprove the theory – using the largest network of connected people in the world – All 750 million of us…

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