Smartphones and the Google Motorola Mobile acquisition

This is an interesting infographic from the New York Times showing the smartphone landscape.  its especially interesting in light of yesterdays announcement that Google were going to buy Motorola mobility.


Its an interesting landscape certainly and one that will make Google a significant player in the mobile space. They have spent $12.5 billion on the deal.   They have also purchased patents that will help them with the lawsuit deal against Microsoft.  It will be interesting to see how the Google-Motorola deal affects Microsoft.  Windows phones don’t seem to be selling.  Business Insider reckons that windows phone is a dud with under 5% of market share.  But Microsoft have made over $150 million from HTC Android phones

But there’s still a long way to go to  get ahead of Symbian.  with over 40% of market share, its far ahead of the pack.  Perhaps lots of people will never move to smartphones but want to use their phone as just a plain simple old phone.

What an odd concept Smile


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