Plants that Tweet when they need to be watered

Now this is the ultimate gift for the handy geek who spends more time on the Internet than in the garden.  This handy little gadget will post a tweet when the plant needs to be watered and another Tweet to say thanks.  It measures resistance between metal probes – and the greater resistance indicates that the soil is dry and needs to be watered.  You do need an Ethernet cable though – so far, this version doesn’t do wireless, so you don’t have to worry about security…


It’s an expensive gadget – but certainly one for the uber-geek and looks complex enough to build..  But I love it.  But with the amounts of plants I have, I suspect my Twitter stream will be filled with begging Tweets from around my house! Smile

Thanks to Sparkfun for dreaming this up.  Mad…

Image credit: flickr

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2 thoughts on “Plants that Tweet when they need to be watered

    1. eileenb Post author

      Now that sounds like a brilliant idea – when you make it let me know! There’ll be a great market for that in Garden centres I’ll bet 😀

      I think the idea could make you rather rich…!

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