Companies are still ignoring social media

It’s quite amazing to think that even now – with all of the communications across several social media platforms that companies are still ignoring this powerful way of communicating.  I found Alterians annual survey report and infographic showing how far behind the adoption curve some marketers and companies are.  Here are some call outs from the report:

70% of marketers are unaware about the conversations that are going on about their brand.

30% of Marketers claim to have very little understanding of the conversations happening around their brand and 70% are not reporting regularly to management about conversations around their brand.

33% of web sites only serve as a corporate brochure – and are not designed to engage and encourage interaction

29% struggle to tie analytics back to the campaign strategy

Marketing also has challenges with IT when it comes to tool selection and implementation.  have a look at this graph from Alterians Annual survey report


I see a lot of discord between different teams when I’m working with clients.  Everyone wants to ‘own’ all parts of the social media strategy, tool selection and implementation.  Social Media managers and other roles should be spread across the organisation.  There should be roles in several different departments: HR, Legal, Technology, IT, Marketing, Communications, Business units etc.

It’s a co-ordinated approach.  No one should own the whole strategy or implementation.

Perhaps we should stop being so busy trying to implement everything ourselves and let our colleagues help with  social media implementation, strategy and on going management.  Don’t struggle alone

…After all – social media is all about community…

Eileen Brown is a social media consultant and author of Working The Crowd: Social Media Marketing for Business.

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