Why would you leave your job?

I found an interesting infographic over on the Tribe HR blog showing the top 10 reasons that people leave their job.  Here’s snip of the infographic.  But there’s something missing… apart from the obvious reason – redundancy at the moment…


The rainmaker group cite several reasons why supervisors and managers cause stress in the workplace and potentially the desire to leave their jobs

The reasons that employers score poorly are varied and many:

  • 39% of workers said their supervisor failed to keep promises
  • 37% indicated their supervisor failed to give credit when due
  • 31% said their supervisor gave them the "silent treatment" during the past year
  • 27% report their supervisor made negative comments about them to other employees or managers
  • 24% indicated their boss invaded their privacy
  • 23% said their supervisor blamed other to cover up personal mistakes or minimize embarrassment

That’s a huge amount of the workforce…

Managers and leaders have a huge role to play in the well-being of their employees.  They have a huge impact on team and personal morale.  And with ineffective leadership and poor relationships with managers blamed for over 20% of employees moving on, I think that this needs to be included in future surveys to get the correct view on things…

infographic via Tribe HR

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2 thoughts on “Why would you leave your job?

  1. Anna Farmery

    I always found money was the problem when the other areas were…i.e. the money was not compensating enough for the boredom, lack of opp, lack of development, lack of inspiration etc

    When people were feeling valued, happy, engaged money was rarely an issue….especially at lower end! Because they knew they wouldn’t feel like that anywhere else….so as long as fair and in right ballpark….etc etc

    1. eileenb Post author

      You make a really good point about money here. Money seems to lie at the root of a lot of things doesn’t it? There’s a limit to the amount of stress you’ll cope with for a large salary. sometimes it’s not worth the aggravation, the bullying and the stress.
      Sometimes its easier to walk away from it all…
      Thanks for commenting 🙂

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