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There’s an interesting infographic over on the ZoneAlarm blog which talks about privacy and locking down your profile.  Google + is certainly the new darling of the moment with many people confidently predicting that Google + will be the death of Facebook. Essentially the infographic shows you 6 ways to make sure your profile is locked down:



1: Set up Circles and add your Friends or acquaintances to the circles.  you can create your own circles outside of Google’s suggested circles of Friends and acquaintances.

2: Lock down your profile.  Google’s standard settings are to have everything open to everyone.  make sure you hide your true birthday – or adjust the date by a couple of days so that any attempts to steal your identity will be with an incorrect date

3: You can prevent your profile being displayed in Google searches.  It took over 3 weeks for my profile to appear in a Google alert.  All you need to do is configure how you want your profile to be displayed

4: Lock down privacy settings.  You can prevent people seeing each other in your circles, you can prevent several settings.  Don’t be too draconian with this though as you’ll stop the communication that Google + was designed to do with your friends in the first place

5: Publish posts only to the circles you want to publish to.  So family gets to see posts exclusively for them without danger that anyone else will see them

6: Be aware that anyone can see your comments.  They are public.  This is also the case for any comment placed onto a Facebook page.  Treat posting these comments with caution




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If Google + lives up to all of the hype around it, and continues to grow at the amazing rate I mentioned the other day.  Will this growth continue?  I don’t know, but if it does, then privacy and security will become just as big an issue as it is on Facebook.  With Google cracking down hard on fake accounts and deleting accounts en masse, they’re certainly trying hard to get things right the first time – and are upfront and open when they make mistakes over their attitude to brand pages and personal accounts.

The jury is still out I think and time will tell if Google + gets over it’s teething troubles and succeeds.  What do you think?


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  1. Sugel

    You can also control who can see the circles and if it is ok to show people who have added you to circle on your profile.

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