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Google+: Will this growth continue?

Mashable has a great post about whether Google+ can sustain growth beyond its early adopters and points out that even with a user base so far of over 10 million people, its still way behind Facebook for early adopter percentages.

It’s quite interesting to see the list of products that were wowed by the early adopters and then seemingly forgotten.  I remember getting accounts on Friendster, /MySpace, Friendfeed, Plurk, Quora, Pearltrees, Brightkite, Twitter etc.  Some of these have faded into obscurity, or are used in non English speaking countries, others are with us and are still going strong.  But the speed of adoption is impressive



Here’s Google’s video of Google + if you’re still to dip your toe into the latest way of social networking


… and there are quite a few other videos reviewing the product.  I like this video for example. 

My early impressions of Google + are an overwhelming sense that everyone is on there to demo the features, to broadcast themselves and show how much they know about Google +.  But then, I’m following mainly geeks at the moment – so perhaps that’s only to be expected.  There seems to be a lot of noise – and not much deep interaction, relationship building and ‘connecting’ – again, perhaps I need to change the folks in my circles again to get a better balance.

as more and more non-geeks join, perhaps this balance will shift and we’ll start to see how the ‘non geeks’ will settle and use Google+ – the same was true of Facebook as businesses realised its potential, the features and communication methods changed – perhaps the Google + project will too…

Or perhaps it will go the same way as Google Buzz – leaving all of those who deleted their Facebook and Twitter accounts, with nowhere to go back to.

What do you think? 

Are you reserved over Google +, or worried about the way it deletes accounts en masse? or are you enthusiastically deleting all of your other social media accounts as you just ‘know’ that Google + will be the Facebook killer?…


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