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Building brand loyalty using social media

Brands who want to stay competitive are using social media to complement their existing marketing activities.  The are listening to their customers.  They are responding to their customers needs, they are giving them information, discounts and offers.  They are getting customer loyalty and advocacy for their brands and a return on their investment and effort

Its really easy to set up a social networking account to set the brand up on the global market.  Our online habits are changing and we spend over 22% of our time online interacting on social media sites.  These sites give us immediate feedback for our online efforts.  Brands that bother to interact with their customers are more likely to gain enthusiasts for the brand.  Brands are recognising that social media activities are crucial to your business success.

And its not all about Facebook and Twitter… Blogs are important too:

Blogging continues to lead to success in business.  its a way to demonstrate your credibility online in a way that Twitter never can with only 25 words or so to validate you.  Even if you think you have no time to blog, remember that you can still get credibility with your posts.  The blog is not dead.

Millions of people read blogs daily.  There are more blogs on WordPress.com alone than there are Twitter accounts.  Blogging helps you to be successful in business.


Blogging is still considered a very valuable way to ensure business success and these numbers haven’t changed much over the last 4 years.  (the image part of an infographic from socialcast by the way)

Brands like Microsoft and Dell, Pepsi and PlayStation all use blogs to really connect with their customers in a way that they can’t with a tweet. They can build brand loyalty by interacting with  customers, responding to comments and sharing links.

Brand loyalty can’t just be created using Facebook, it’s a co-ordinated approach – but the dividends will pay off if you’ve got time to build the relationships your customers want…

Eileen Brown is a social media consultant and author of Working The Crowd: Social Media Marketing for Business.

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