Daily Archives: July 20, 2011

What’s the difference between Google + and Facebook?

This infographic shows the main features of Google + and Facebook.  From the Technobombs blog

I’m dabbling in Google + at the moment – but I’m not sharing as much content as I do on Facebook.  on Facebook, I know who has added me as a friend, and there’s no control over this in Google +  Therefore, I’m much more reserved  with my communications than I would be on Facebook.  I can say things to my private circles – but at the moment, I’m broadcasting to the public circle – whilst momentum happens and more and more people – outside of geek circles start to join in.

Its certainly interesting to see what’s going on there – who’s embracing +, who’s ignoring it.  Will Facebook continue its dominance or is Google + really the Facebook killer.  only time will tell…

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