How to get your audience to trust your brand

I like this infographic from Mark Smiciklas in Canada.  The path to trust should really resonate with brands who want to really engage with their customers.  Honesty, candour and transparency should be primary brand values from every company.  Carrying out your business business ethically and honourably should be at the heart of what you do.  Your employees should be your brand advocates who live your brand values.  only then can the voice of your engagement resonate with your customers

If your business already has these values at their core, then their interactions with their community and customers will be rewarding and will bring them better business results and interaction over time. Companies that delay, deflect and defend, are arrogant, and lack humility won’t perform as well as their competitors.

These are values that we should all share – in our personal interactions as well as our online actions.  Its a shame that for some companies, chasing their business goals, makes them lose sight of what is really important to them.  Their customers.

Infographic from social media explorer

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