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Even Fox News needs a crisis management plan

These Tweets rushed around the world last week.  News that Obama had been assassinated appeared on Fox News politics Twitter news feed…  Fox News apologised for the misinformation and any distress that might have been caused.


Hat tip to David Meerman for capturing the screenshots of the relevant Tweets before they were removed…

There’s a problem here that goes far beyond the normal Twitter hacking issue – which is bad enough.

We live in a 24 x 7 world of communications.  Fox News is a 24 x 7 news channel.  Why isn’t their social media monitoring 24 x 7 too?

Why didn’t Fox News have a very strong password to try to guard against hacking attempts?

Why didn’t someone alert Fox News politics that there was an issue?  Where were their alternate communications channels in case of a crisis?

Where were the remainder of the Fox News Politics team of Tweeters?  Was anyone authorised to respond across the business?

Why didn’t Fox News respond on Fox News politics behalf?

Crisis management plans are important.  See my article on social media crisis management and things that you need to consider, crisis wise – and create your own framework as soon as you can.  And make sure you are empowered to implement it – as soon as a crisis hits…

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