10 career limiting moves

imageI caught up with some old friends today in Redmond, old buddies and co-workers.  We were chatting about life, Microsoft and careers and I noticed a definite theme appearing. 

All of them had examples of serious career limiting moves that had impacted them in the past. 

Stacey had a great few leadership tips things that you should do and things that you definitely shouldn’t do.  I’ve summed some of the conversation tips below:

  1. Don’t pass up a great career opportunity because you feel loyalty to your team
  2. Don’t miss the opportunity to get a mentor.  Get a mentor who will challenge you – not agree with you.
  3. Don’t let yourself be bullied or intimidated.  Speak out now.  Others who get the same manager after you will thank you for your action to correct this,
  4. Don’t burn yourself out.  No job is worth it.  It’s your job not your life.
  5. Don’t post inappropriate pictures on Twitter.  Twitter is far too public and screenshots of your photo are easy to do.
  6. Don’t bitch or flame anyone online.  You will come to regret posting online.
  7. Don’t use the Reply all button in haste. Set a 10 minute delay in Outlook
  8. If someone gives you a day to ‘think things over’ make sure you ask for someone’s advice.  Don’t chew it over by yourself, you’ll probably make the wrong decision the next day.
  9. Don’t try to go it alone.  We all need help and advice – even on your own pet project.
  10. Don’t try and read absolutely everything that falls into your inbox or RSS reader.  Your head will explode with all of the information you need to process. Filter the fire hose and get some time back in your life.

Good tips – I’ll be implementing them as soon as I can…

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2 thoughts on “10 career limiting moves

  1. Anonymous

    9 good points, but sadly you and I know 3 is NOT good advice.

    3 should read “Understand that if your manager is a bully, their manager either knows it already – or if they don’t they are too ineffective to do anything. If your company calls the department responsible for people ‘Human resources’ , then remember that a resource is something which is there to be exploited and ‘HR’ does not naturally take the side of the resources. If you find yourself in that environment speaking out against managment is having the self indulgance to broadcast your suicide note. If others who get the same manager ever know you had a problem – you will not be their hero, if they mention you at all it will be as the poor victim who forgot the first rule in a big company is always pretend things are OK when they are not. You may feel guilt about leaving them behind, but be confidient you can not make matters better for them, only worse for yourself”.

    I’ll give you a substitute #3
    Work for people and among people you respect, and who respect you back. If that respect stops – in either direction – make your plans discretely and move on.

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