When to post your social media update

I’ve often seen data that points to repeating your social updates to catch all time zones.  Guy Kawasaki mentioned that he rebroadcasts on Twitter 3 times per day 8 hours apart to catch the correct audience around the globe.

If you’re following a large amount of people, you might miss their updates – even if they are rebroadcasted.  your messages might also get lost in the spam and other messages in your stream.

But what is the ‘right’ time to post an update like a blog?  Well it depends on the audience you want to attract.

Dan Zarella did some research – covering the US only, which indicates that 80% of your intended audience are online on Eastern and Central time (GMT – 5 and GMT – 6).  If this is your intended market, then this is when you should be broadcasting. 

But when Eastern or Central?

Well if you’re broadcasting information linking to your blog, its best to do this at mid day eastern time, or 6pm:


Spikes when people are at lunch or home from work.

There’s more data contained in this infographic from kissmetrics which has the data for other types of click through behaviour on the blog.

Some interesting information if your target audience is in the US.  Shame its not worldwide…

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