Twitter Interaction ratio: @jonhoneyball tops my list

I try not to follow too many people on Twitter in case I can’t interact with the people that I do follow in a meaningful way.  If I was following 10,000 people, I’m sure I’d miss important messages and news. I want to bring quality to my Twitter conversations and not broadcast.  After all Twitter is a listening tool – not a broadcasting tool…

So I’ve had a play with at Twit BFF to check whether my ratio of folks I follow: folks I interact with is at a reasonable number.  I like Twit BFF  It shows you who you interact with the most in Twitter and who you occasionally talk to.  This time, I got some interesting results:


So I interact with 86 of the 560 or so people I follow.  Just over 1 in 6 – which isn’t too bad a ratio as I follow companies, news digests and news feeds.  I’ve been chatting a fair bit recently to Timbo, Chris and Jon about iPad’s – hence their dominance in my chart.  But I do talk more to some people I follow than I do with others – but Jon – we should certainly chat on the phone a bit more!!



2 thoughts on “Twitter Interaction ratio: @jonhoneyball tops my list

  1. btcurry

    Ya know I would communicate with everyone I follow on twitter/that follow me, but somehow I’m following something to the order of 60 people. 60 people who I absolutely don’t know, and it clutters things.
    Apparently twitter has a bad habit of forcing me to follow people.

    1. eileenb Post author

      I totally agree – There’s no way I can follow everyone who follows me. I keep following people that i find interesting and follow and unfollow regularly. i also unfollow friends who syndicate their Twitter feed to Facebook as I get their information twice. I think that keeping things fresh and interesting means I get great interaction with some great people. Even if I’m not following someone – I’ll always engage with anyone that wants to chat to me on Tiwtter which brings me new potential people to follow.
      Thanks for commenting – useful point about Twitter forcing you to follow. i see a new blog post coming along 🙂

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