Microsoft acquisitions mapped London Tube style

I love this.  A really detailed graphic showing all of Microsoft’s acquisitions – in an easy to read layout. Created by Robin at Ripe tungi and called out by Techmash Companies come and they go.  They get absorbed by other companies who grow and grow as a result.  I remember several of these names, now long gone, rebranded or dropped from product development.


Zoom in to get a closer look – pdf version here.  You can also see the cost of each acquisition along the way. They seemed rather busy in 1999 when they started preparing for their mobile offering and again in 2000 when they bought into a lot of communications companies. 

There’s a key at the bottom of the map – in the pdf version of the map – which is much easier to read,  showing how much each of these offerings has cost Microsoft.

Nice one Robin Smile