Improving your online brand

I’ve been playing around with My Web Career with a view to incorporating recommendations into my online branding workshops in the future.  Often people think that just having a LinkedIn profile is enough to advance their brand.  Unfortunately it’s not.  Its analysis of your brand is fairly comprehensive – more so than some of the other influence tools out there.  It measures your score based on your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Quora profiles and activities on the site.  These are then aggregated into your final score on your dashboard:


In addition to basic analysis the site offers suggestions about how to get your score and consequently your online brand to improve your score and become more easily discovered by people searching for you.  It searches the Deep Web and finds results that Google or Bing might not show you.

You can have a look at who you’re actually connected to – and see your profiles of other online users.  And you can get a new set of graphs from LinkedIn showing who you connect to – the companies your connections work for – and their industries


Deep search obtained data for my search from Slideshare, Scribd, visible Me, Speaker site, Twitter, LinkedIn and lots more social sites.  I noticed links from old stuff from Microsoft – and events going back to 2006.  A lot of data to manage if you’re trying to improve your brand..

So if you want to give your online brand a little bit of a boost, follow the suggestions  for each part of your analysis on how improve your visibility and be discovered more easily.  Then recalculate the data.

It’s a good way to check whether your online brand is a successful as you think it is…



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