Anonymous profiles on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has changed its profile privacy settings so often when you look at who has viewed your profile, you often see anonymous users on the list.  This isn’t very useful if you want to reach out and make a connection to your business contacts.  You sometimes see a list like this: 


Some of these anonymous users might be useful business contacts for you, good business connections or potential sales opportunities.  Does your profile appear as anonymous to others?  If you want to change your profile visibility here’s what you do:

Wneh you are looking at your profile in LinkedIn, go to your name which is at the top right hand corner in LinkedIn, and click the Settings hyperlink.  Then click the hyperlink ‘Select what others see when you’ve viewed their profile


You can then decide which option to select.

…And of course – you could always become totally anonymous – and stalk others to see their profiles… Smile

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