Which sites do you visit the most?

Some interesting stats here from Comscore who have just released their tables showing which country spends the most time on the  Internet.  The UK, although it doesn’t have the most unique visitors, does come in at number 2 (next to Holland) with the most time spent on the Internet


Also interesting is the web sites visited across Europe.  Over here, we still spend more time on Google than Facebook, Ebay than Apple.  (see the full table showing the whole top 30 here)

Facebook still leads Google for number of pages viewed though.  Perhaps we don’t find the page we want each time on Google but we click links on Facebook to see information shared by our friends and family. 

We’re much more likely to click links given to us by someone we know rather than a search engine.  When search engines start to return results to pages that our friends have actually clicked on in the past – we’ll be much more likely to click on the page returned.  And that will be something that the pay per click folks will want to be involved with for sure Smile