The tweet that caused a media onslaught

I feel really sorry for Sohaib Athar at the moment.  He ‘just happened’ to be living in Abottabad in Pakistan (he runs a coffee shop and was taking a break from IT in a very quiet part of the world).  he ‘just happened’ to be awake on Sunday night and ‘just happened’ to hear a helicopter flying overhead.  And he ‘just happened’ to put it on Twitter


Unwittingly, he also ‘just happened’ to live blog the most momentous event that had happened this year – the death of Osama Bin Laden…


The image taken from his building shows a district that seems tranquil and quiet. This image has been viewed over 300,000 times.  His Twitter followers have jumped to over 91,000 – he is being hassled by the media from around the world.  His tranquil life has been temporarily disrupted.   All because of one Tweet.

I often talk about people unwittingly losing their jobs due to ill advised communications on Twitter and Facebook, and advise caution and restraint when communicating in case you unwittingly cause a firestorm at work.


By who would have thought that this Tweet would have had such far reaching consequences for someone who, right now, probably wants to go back to his quiet life and wishes that he’d been fast asleep on Sunday night – with ear plugs in…