Fickle fans on Facebook

So Facebook engagement is fickle and varies month on month.  Here’ are the latest stats from Fangager showing the change in the top 5 rankings from last month….


Its interesting to watch these stats change – and also interesting to see how social media campaigns need to be enduring, ongoing and continual interaction with fans and followers – otherwise fans will turn away…



One thought on “Fickle fans on Facebook

  1. leahlakstins

    Interesting chart. I wonder how Facebook’s perceived privacy issues have played into this? Are people less apt to “like” brands on facebook because they fear the advertising onslaught that they’ll be barraged with after? I am! Either way as you said if the site is just a myspace style page people lose interest quickly but if there is valuable content being shared they stick around. For instance I “like” Whole Foods on facebook because it’s the best way to get news about sales and events.

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