Finding the perfect Meerkovo Ambassador

Some companies ‘get’ social media and understand the integrated approach to blending traditional and digital marketing in order to get the widest possible reach. Compare the Market price comparison website gets it right on so many fronts.  They are hiring a Meerkovo ambassador and have created an integrated campaign to recruit an ambassador for the summer season.  This ambassador will attend major events, communicate using social media channels and extend awareness of the Compare the Market brand

In addition to the YouTube advert asking for applicants, they have also submitted traditional print applications (in the Sunday press), Have an active Twitter account, a YouTube Channel and Facebook page.  All are updated regularly, all have great engagement.

They’ve got a great job application page on the  Meerkovo web page too…


Users have been submitting applications to become the ambassador in YouTube.  have a look at: and for a few examples or go directly to and complete your application form.  Warning – applications close today!


You might think that this is a little bit of overkill for advertising for a job at a company.  This campaign, web estate and co-ordinated approach has cost quite a bit both in web design, time and effort to reinforce the message and find the perfect ambassador.  And it’s only for a 6 month engagement.

But look at the awareness that this has generated. 

There’s a virtual army of enthusiasts out there, keen to spread the message about the brand.  Followers and friends will be exhorted to vote for each candidate – spreading the news even further.  And the campaign is repeatable too.  The engagement lasts for this year only.  A guaranteed way to generate new clicks and raise awareness even further.

This is a totally brilliant approach to social media and done in a really effective co-ordinated way and well worth an award.  Its truly Simples… as Aleksandr Orlov says Smile



4 thoughts on “Finding the perfect Meerkovo Ambassador

  1. Clemi Hardie

    Hi Eileen

    Love your post on the Meerkovo ambassador – if you fancy doing a follow up piece, I have made it through to the final 6. If you check out my campaign website ( you can see what I’m getting up to. Might make a better post in a few days once I have published more of the content I have planned. I’ve gone for a spoof political campaign angle and have some awesome videos/photos/posters lined up to share.

    Anyway, it would be good to chat more – please drop me an email


    Clemi Hardie

  2. Chris Drury


    I am one of those through to the next stage (the final 6).

    Would you all be so kind as to vote for me.

    I will be posting updates about my campaign through Twitter @vote_meerkovo and Facebook Meerkovo Ambassador. There will be funny videos and all sorts.

    Why vote for me? Because I will make the next 6 months fun, I want to get as many people involved as possible, children and adults alike.

    Thank you for your support

    Chris x

  3. eileenb Post author

    Well done both of you for getting through to the final 6. I shall certainly blog about progress later this week to see how well everyone is doing…
    Good luck at becoming the ambassador- I look forward to seeing your social media activities 🙂

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