Why Dunbar’s number still matters in this Facebook obsessed age

I came across this neat video from Jacquesparys  today on YouTube when I was researching the growth of Facebook and social interaction

Jacques has certainly done his homework over this in his university project.  he talks about the growth of Facebook and uncovers some amazing stats:

  • 49% of Facebook users live in the Americas, 25% in Europe and 27% in Asia
  • Almost 50% of users log in every day for an average of 55 minutes
  • over 50% of users talk to their friends more online than in real life
  • Users would rather walk the dog, go fishing, go for a walk instead
  • There are over 60 billion photos on Facebook
  • The average user has 345 friends but maintains the same ‘inner circle’ of 150 friends
  • There’s sufficient momentum in Facebook for its user base to self sustain and continue to grow
  • We can maintain our relationships with minimal time and effort

Its interesting that research carried out by Robin Dunbar in the 1970’s still applies in this internet obsessed age and out need to be in some sort of community. – even if it is carried out largely online instead of face to face.

But weak ties still count in relationships – and Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with lesser connected people – no matter how infrequently this happens…