Daily Archives: March 28, 2011

Social networks: growth in users is slowing

Interesting post by eMarketer predicting that the growth in social network users is about to become saturated. 

US Social Network Users and Penetration, 2009-2013 (millions and % of internet users)

This is not bad news

It means that marketers have little work to do, to attract new people onto their environments.  Everyone is there already.  Now all marketers have to do is create compelling enough content and eye catching  visuals, to persuade the existing users of social networks to interact with their brand. The report also shows that email is dying as a means of communication which highlights the focus that needs to be made for social media activities and a co-ordinated approach. Firms like Starbucks have already gained great traction in using social media to their advantage – with the opportunity to give gift cards through Facebook.

So all you need is that spark to get your customers and partners interested in your product.