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The blog is not dead


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The topic of blogging comes up again and again – it’s been coming up for years too.  How to get readers on your blog, how to grow your blog, how to get noticed on your blog.  I’ve been talking about this for ages, when I was at Microsoft, online and at in person events.

We’d spend ages speculating about what made a good blog, what made a great blog, who we wanted to read our blogs, what if Steve Ballmer or Bill Gates read our blog.  How we got traffic, how we’d manage negativity, trolls, comments, links, leaks etc.

I was reading the social media examiner post which shares tips from bloggers about growing your blog traffic.  So I’ve found  one of my old posts with my  to tips for my own blogging best practices and here they are:


  • Blog regularly.  Find your blogging frequency and try to stick to it (see tip below)
  • Be patient –building up a blog readership takes time
  • Answer every comment is a timely way.  Don’t keep your audience waiting
  • Don’t sell – you will soon turn readers away
  • It’s not about the numbers – it’s about your influence
  • Be Authentic – and true to yourself
  • Expect criticism – and be humble – no Egos please
  • Don’t blog when you’re  miserable or angry – or drunk!
  • Be generous to others and Link to them in every post
  • Apologise readily.  You will not be right all the time



Here are a few more tips for blogging effectively.  I originally wrote this post 3 years ago – but most of the points are just as valid now:


  • Decide what you want to talk about.  Get a blog “voice”.  The scatter gun approach, covering every topic you can makes readers wonder what you’re all about.  If it’s a technical blog, choose a few topics and stick to them.  You’ll get loyal readers who are interested in what you’re interested in too.
  • Blog regularly.  Whether that’s daily, weekly or monthly, don’t let your blog readers think you’ve stopped blogging, or flood them with 20 posts in a day and then nothing.
  • Don’t blog excessively long posts.  It’s a blog, not a novel.  Use a shorter post to link to the longer article.

My section on “How not to get fired” is still important too:

  • Stay grounded.  This is important.  The extra exposure can easily go to your head (it’s like being catapulted onto the front page of the tabloids, being top of all the search engines and talked about by everyone).  Remember you’re still the same person (but with a blog).  Don’t become an EGO.  Remember, as Andy Warhol said.  Everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame.  You can fall into obscurity as fast as you have risen into fame.

With our growing dependence on Twitter – and the time we spend creating microblog messages, blogging is often forgotten.  We don’t have time, we don’t have the content – we’re too busy gathering content from everyone else, sharing links and interacting that we tend to forget just how important blogs are for our credibility…  Your credibility, my credibility…  You are NOT TOO BUSY TO BLOG!

Anyone who has ever used Twitter search knows how easy it is to find tweets from people who are talking about a topic at the moment – but as a knowledge repository??  Think again…

And put your thoughts down on a blog instead Smile


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