Leading respectfully


Image credit: Flickr

I’m always interested to see what makes a great leader and what makes employees engaged, happy and really supportive.  I found this post from the Smart leadership blog and what makes employees engaged.  These 7 points really show the qualities I tried to have when managing teams:

    • Recognition: Thanking employees and acknowledging their contributions on a daily basis.
    • Empowerment: Providing employees with the tools, resources, training, and information they need to be successful.
    • Supportive feedback: Giving ongoing performance feedback — both positive and corrective.
    • Partnering: Fostering a collaborative working environment.
    • Expectation setting: Establishing clear performance goals and holding employees accountable.
    • Consideration: Demonstrating thoughtfulness, empathy, and kindness.
    • Trust: Demonstrating faith and belief in their employees’ skills, abilities, and decisions.

So many managers – especially new ones in role are keen to stamp their authority and either Micromanage or bully their staff as it makes the new manager feel that they are in control.  Giving your team respect – and guidance – so that they can benefit from your leadership is a much simpler way to get the results you need for your business.

If only more managers respected their teams.  Companies would have a lot less attrition and there would be a lot less stressed employees

Respect costs nothing.  But the pay back is enormous…