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Facebook engagement and ROI

Don’t expect too much response from your army of fans on Facebook.  Don’t spend all of your marketing cash on getting folks to like the Facebook page.  It might be a waste of your time.  Wired pointed to this graph from Fangager which shows low level of engagement from fans – 2.6% of fans actually engage on the page in the case of Manchester United… Not many at all.

And this is the most social channel – where it’s really easy to engage with the brand.  Much easier than in the old days of outbound comms where click throughs and link activation showed a poor return on investment for the marketing campaign…


As has always been the case with blogging and metrics gathering, its not always about the numbers.  Its about the quality not the quantity.  Numbers don’t actually matter that much.  What if Bill Gates read your blog?  What if the Mashable team read your Tweets?  What if your biggest clients interacted with you on Facebook. 

So often, I work with people that are obsessed with hard metrics.  Its all about the numbers, its all about exposure, reach and eyeballs on the page.  Its a real challenge to get them to think about soft metrics.  Quality not quantity. Engagement, interaction, connections

If those eyeballs don’t convert into some kind of sales or decent return on your investment – why are you spending so much time trying to get more and more new people to become fans?  You’ll have a higher overhead, managing the facebook page, more time will be spent and more effort in managing and moderating those new fans.

Perhaps sometimes its better to nurture the fans you have and turn these connections into real sales opportunities. 

Or don’t expect much interaction from your efforts to engage…


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