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The lack of women tech Entrepreneurs–Myths dispelled

This is a fairly hard hitting talk from TEDWomen this year about  the lack of women Technology Entrepreneurs and the myths around them – and it’s a talk given by a man too..


Link to TEDWoman talk


Vivek Wadhwa dispels much of the myths about Entrepreneurs – and especially their age.  The average age is 39 – not 22.  They are not from privileged backgrounds,  They are not exclusively white males from Stanford.  There are women in the mix  -  married women – with great degrees and families.  They have experience – and skills.

And yet – there are hardly any women in the mix in Silicon Valley.  Vivek asks why – and shares some of the abuse he received whilst doing his research.

Its an interesting topic – he doesn’t mince his words at all.   It’s well worth a listen

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