Daily Archives: March 15, 2011

Social Commerce opportunities with mobile check-ins

This is quite an interesting infographic from SxSW courtesy of the Next Web.  It certainly demonstrates the human need to connect with others at public places like events.  Have a look at the ice cream truck checkins!

Location based devices and location based apps give B2C companies an amazing opportunities to provide offers, discounts and coupons.  There’s a great compete angle here too – imagine how much business the competitor to the ice cream truck could have got, with strategically placed signage or location based offers.

Imagine a location based groupon app offering competitive offers to customers in the immediate vicinity.  Imagine an app with an alert system whenever someone checks in. 

There’s such a great opportunity out there for retailers to give amazing offers to their customers using the most powerful tool you carry in your pocket – your mobile phone.

The future of mobile commerce is in the palm of your hand… Smile