Daily Archives: March 10, 2011

Social Media makes your brain multitask too much?

I like this example of how we manage multitasking and the causes and effects of it.  Gen Y (the under 31 age group) seem to manage this really well.  This infographic from Rasmussen College shows just how we’re changing the way we multitask to cope with the flood of information we have to deal with

From what I see on the train when i travel into London, I think that folks spend much more than 30 minutes extra interacting with their smartphones – averaged out, I reckon that people with phones and data plans spend at least 2 hours more per day than people without data plans.  or perhaps even this is a little bit conservative. 

This data – especially the part about inhibition of creative ability -  does seem to contradict with the Wall street journal research I talked about the other week.  Personally, I feel much more energised when I’m doing lots of things, almost simultaneously.  Perhaps it’s a female trait – perhaps it’s a symptom of boredom or a scattered brain.  I do know that if I get interrupted when I’m trying to focus on a single thing, sometimes I can lose my train of thought completely so I do understand how agitated people can get when they are trying to concentrate.

If you multitask regularly, do you feel more stressed?  Or do you, like me, get a buzz out of it?  Is multitasking and absorbing the ‘only’ way forward to productivity?  or is it a path to destroy our rational thought process… ?