Do you need just one social media manager?

imageI’ve been talking to one of my clients about their social media strategy and creating a team.  They had seen my post on being a social media manager the other week and wanted to get my opinion on whether they could use one manager overall or did they need to have different managers in each division. 

Currently they have the opportunity to utilise several teams across their organisation and asked about having just one social media manager to oversee the virtual team.  Social media managers have to do so much more than just broadcast your social media message.  Mike talks about needing to be a marketer first and a social marketer second.  In fact, I don’t think that you need to be a marketer at all to be an effective social media manager.  If you have a passion for people and understand how people connect across business, then you can approach the role from different parts of the business.  You don’t necessarily have to be a marketer.  In fact, correctly implemented strategies have much more than one person in the company working togethether on strategy and implementation.  In large organisations, you need a whole team managing different aspects of the work.

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Social Steve talks about the challenges of fitting social media into the organisation.  Where exactly does it sit?  As there are different aspects of the work that needs to be carried out, then I reckon that there are several roles and responsibilities that are needed across the organisation:

    • Social Media Strategist to define strategy
    • Social Media Manager to assist in defining and execute strategy
    • Content developer to create content in line with editorial and content calendar
    • PR to interact with influencers
    • Product Marketing to own social engagement strategy
    • Social Media Metrics analyst to measure sentiment and generate reports
    • Legal to provide guidance on user generated content on corporate domain
    • Legal to provide Privacy and security aspects for corporate assets and enforcement

Your social media strategy, as Chris says, shouldn’t be owned by anyone externally – especially a PR or ad Agency.  No one knows or understands your business in the same way that you do and no one can communicate it in the same way as you do.  Your internal teams across the business will have the correct level of authenticity, enthusiasm and passion to communicate their message – whether or not they’re in Marketing or not.  They’ll need some media training and guidance on how to communicate on behalf of the company, but they will communicate your message from within the company.

So with different strategists and managers working across team, across function and across organisations, getting input from their PR agencies and independent consultants like me, there’s many more than just one social media manager needed to effectively carry out the myriad tasks needed to implement, strategise and monitor.  Effectively everyone across the business becomes involved with social media, and everyone manages their own message, overseen by the team I mentioned above.

Complicated?  Well it’s all in my book for you to implement at your organisation.  Or, get in touch and I’ll help you get started…. Smile

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