Who runs social media at your business?

The BCS have a poll on their web site  asking who runs the social media activity at your business.  Is is specific social  media resources, Marketing, PR, Management or Customer service


Should it be one of these teams?  Should the job be performed by a mixture of teams, with each member in the team having a specific task and working collaboratively.  Should the technical influencers in your organisation be involved? 

What do you think?

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5 thoughts on “Who runs social media at your business?

  1. allisterf

    The question is ‘who runs social media’ which actually isn’t very interesting. What matters more is ‘who does social media’ and the best answer (for my money) is ‘as many people as possible’ because SM is baked into the way the company thinks. There’s still value in having a centre of expertise somewhere and, yes, this sits logically in PR/marketing for most large companies but, frankly, it could sit in the catering team if they’ve the most expertise in this area.

  2. Kerry McGinley

    I think if your PR/marketing department is all about making connections with people rather than obsessed with metrics, that’s where it should go. But it’s critical that they understand it’s not just about numbers that suggest traffic, it’s about quality engagement. I’ve heard too many folks focusing on number of likes, RTs, shares — whatever. To me, the real marker of social media success is type of feedback you’re getting on your pages — comments, conversations, etc. I’d hope the PR folks would get this, but I agree with Allisterf — the people who understand/appreciate how to engage need to be running the show.

    1. eileenb Post author

      Allister is lucky – he works for an enlightened company who empowers its employees to talk externally in a responsible way. One of your sentences talks about an optimal future though. Social media SM *should be* baked into the way the company thinks – unfortunately, for many companies employ a defencive policy and prevent many of their employees from unstructured external comms (vis-a vis Apple)
      Kerry – you are so right girl. it’s not all about metrics. its about people – the people powered engine. But unfortunately those companies obsessed with turning their scorecard metrics green using a structured data gathering tool, will always be focused on metrics and will ogften miss the submiminal message from a real live person.

      Thanks both. Bang on the button as usual 🙂

  3. Mark Wilson

    There’s a difference between running social media for an organisation and owning the strategy. It also depends on what you’re using it for – marketing, customer service, crowdsourcing/innovation, a combination of these?

    The main problems I see are getting people within the organisation to produce the right volume and quality of content. There are also issues with governance – few organisations are happy to let people act as unedited spokepeople without appropriate training and support (although this is fairly easy to overcome).

    Ultimately, there will be many parts of the organisation involved in social media. As a minimum, I’d suggest there will be marketing, IT, HR, and legal representatives but all of this misses the real point – it’s not about who runs the community but about how the organisation is engaging with the community.

    1. eileenb Post author

      Thanks for your comments – I think it’s also about the passion that people within your organisation show for engagement with social media. There’s no pooint placing social media targets in anyones ojbectives or goals if they are not enthusiastic or engaged with the audience.
      And as you rightly say – that behaviour doesn’t really sit in a structured place – it sits with the ‘right’ people – wherever they happen to work …

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